Don’t make lies about Areum 


6 Days Ago: Areum posts a video of herself listening to T-ara’s “Don’t Leave” where she says “T-ara is Love! Number Ninehttp://instagram.com/p/ga104CQWqR/

4 Weeks Ago: T-ara says “Areum will always be our friendhttp://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/25766-131015-t-ara-areum-is-preparing-diligently-every-day-for-her-solo-debut/

2 Months Ago: Areum posts a message of support for T-ara’s comeback and says they will defeat Haters togetherhttp://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/11872583.html

2 Months Ago: Areum visits the Cafe of Eunjung’s mother and captions the picture with “though can’t say anything though far away i will protect you one by one. i like it.” http://31.media.tumblr.com/0760a0b394e7a2dafc1c26f81529be0c/tumblr_mthlzfEG2T1r03h56o1_500.png

4 months ago: T-ara members give messages to Areum at their Budokan showcase: http://hyotheleader.tumblr.com/post/55425431404/rough-trans-t-ara-members-message-to-areum-at-budokan

If T-ara is bad to her, why will they say all of those things? She did not mention those unnies by name. Maybe she talks about other unnies? Or maybe they had a PRIVATE issue this week? But, you can say for sure that T-ara did not treat Areum badly. She also said she hates journalists. Why? Because they speculate and make bad news about her. If you are concerned for her, don’t make lies and speculation.

Because you need more Areum in your life 2/???

Because you need more Areum in your life 2/???

i know she has leave the group,but can u update the news from her plz

Yes, I know I should, I’m sorry. I just wasn’t sure if I should start posting all those creepy selcas Areum posts at least ten of per day. But I’m going to start posting them soon then!!

130930 Areum’s instagram 


살아가는동안 내가 아닌 다른사람과 함께해야한다면 ,
누구나 .
아니 하물며 가족끼리도 몰라서 다투고 , 알고 이해하고 다음에 화해하고 그런다 .# 근데 정말 , 꿈이있고 열정이 있는 사람들 그만좀 들썩였으면 좋겠네요 . 진짜로 !!!!!
#음성으로 남기고 싶은데 .. ; 이건 왜 음성도 안되고짧게 찍히지? .@.@ ㅎ #

하 .. 아무튼 정말 우리 ##
사랑합시다 ….#
사랑해요 우리 .. 절대로 ‘끝’이라는 곳까지 빛을 보는 순간까지 . 꿈 크게 가지고 .
남들신경쓰지말고 행복하게 웃으면서 삽시다 .. 그렇게 살아요 .. 자기일도 제대로 처리못해놓고 악플단사람은 없나? 하루하루 즐겁지 않으면 .
나같으면 인생게임 종료버튼 누른다 . 
참고로 내 인생 ‘끝’은 작은 무덤이요 언니들 .
주변에는요 정말 아름답게 꽃이 펴져있어야 되구요 . 
햇살이 제대로 비춰주는곳에서 꼭 스포트라이트 받고 많은 사람들이 행복하게 웃으며 무덤 주변을 가득 차게 해줄때 .
그때까지 정말 간절하게. 달리고 있어요 . 아주. #

그냥 많은 글 쓰다 지우다 했는데요 ! 저는 노래하는거 표현하는거 아님 죽어요 . 제가 어떻게 연습해왔고 어떻게 했는지는 언니들도 잘아실거라생각해요 .
물론 언니들 힘드신거도 봐왔구요 . 그래서 더 애착이가고 진심으로 챙겨드리고 싶었어요 .
제 꿈보다 보였던게 힘듬 이였어요 . 저도 바보고 언니들도 바보죠. 회사랑 제대로 이야기하고 딱 말했으면 그런일도 덜할텐데 .
근데요 . 웃기는건 내인생 누가살아줘요? 도대체 왜 처음 그 열정들이랑 실력들 그냥 그 악플들에 묻어요 . 전 이해못해요
그리고 전 음악인 진짜 될거에요 세상에서 제일 행복한사람되서 행복나눠줄거구요 . 
언니들은 1위 2위 열심히 해서 되섰죠? 저도 열심히 살았어요 . 자부합니다 .이번 기회 죽어도 그냥 못보내구요 . 언니들도 이번에 진짜 꼭 . 대박 잘되야되요 .
누구나 잘하는사람 열심히하는사람 좋아할거라 생각합니다 .
진짜 . 이왕이면 , 탑으로 남아주세요 . 돈벌려는 마음 눈감아보고. 서운해하는 열정한테 다시 손내밀어서 처음 시작하신대로 달려달라구요 . 달려주세요.

저도 열심히 달리고 있으니까
저 지는거 죽는것보다 싫어서.
세상안에 병신되도 오기로 여기까지 왔거든요? 도전신청합니다.
사장님께서도 진짜 제대로 보고 판단해주셨으면 좋겠네요 .
저 완벽하다고는 말못합니다. 근데요 세상아래 직위떼고 돈떼고 사람으로써 존경했어요 .
근데 믿음을 그리고 제 진심을 묻지도 않고 생각하시고 계신건 아니길 진심으로 바라네요 .


[TRANS] While alive, If you have to do it with another person that’s not me, 

Who might it be.

Much more, quarreling without knowing even when you’re a family, then realizing it and understanding each other, and later reconciling, such as that. #

Really though, I wish if those people with dreams and passion would just stop shaking. For real!!!!! 
#I wanted to leave this as a voice [in the video] .. ; why did this cut off my voice so shortly after? .@.@ ㅎ # [T/N: in the video she was trying to say what she just wrote “fighting even as a family…” but the video was too short for her to complete what she wanted to say so she just typed it] 
Ha.. Anyway, we really ## 
Let’s love ….# 
Let’s love.. Until the moment you see the light at that place called ‘end’, never stop having big dreams. [T/N: to commit to your goal until you achieve it] Without worrying, let’s do it while laughing happily …let’s live like that..isn’t there anyone who doesn’t properly take care of his/her own business and just post malicious comments? If that’s not fun everyday. [T/N: I’m not sure what she means, she’s probably asking those people too to love] 
If I’m over I’d press the exit button to this life game.
For reference, my life’s ‘end’ is a small tomb.
For the surroundings, there’s a really beautifully laid flower.
The sun makes the tomb’s surroundings completely cool, making people smile happily receiving the spotlight where sunlights are reflected.
Until then, I’ll be running earnestly. Very. #
I used to just write lots of posts then delete them ! For me, I sing and express myself or I die. How I used to practice, I think even my unnies know well how I did that.
Of course, even my unnies had it hard. Hence I want to get more attached and sincerely take care. 
It looked harder than in my dream. 
I’m a babo and unnies are babo(s) too. Such matter would’ve happened less often if you properly talked to the company about it and told them everything exactly.
However. What’s funny is that who lives my life? Why on earth would you put your passion and skills on (writing) those malicious comments. I don’t understand.
Also, I’m really going to become a musician, I’ll become the happiest person in this world and share happiness.
Unnies worked hard for a first place and a second place, so that’ll do, right? I also lived doing my best. I’m confident. This time, I’m not going to let go of this opportunity even if I die. Unnies too should  really /definitely/ hit the jackpot this time.
I believe it’ll end up good for good people and those who work hard.
Really. While you’re at it , please remain on top. Don’t think of it as just to make money [T/N: what she said literally translates to “close your eyes at the money-making mind”, but it doesn’t make sense so I had to change it lol]. Hold hands and run run toward that hurt passion of yours as if it’s a brand new start. Please run.
Because I’m also running hard,
I detest losing more than dying.
Even if I might have become an idiot in this world, I still reached until here? I accept the challenge. 
I wish that even the boss would really look and judge properly.
I can’t say (I’m) perfect. However, in this world I respected people as people, not for their titles nor money.
But I sincerely hope you would stop thinking about and question my sincerity and my faith.




Message from Soyeon:

I though all the time that I have to say sorry for the difficult time that you being in T-ara. Areum, you worked hard and when you were talking about your dreams, every members listened with all the respect and shared their opinions. We also think about you become a solo artist. It’s a painful decision, even you and us, but we will watching over you. T-ara from now on will work more hard. Areum thank you for everything.

Message from Hyomin (*she had shed her tears before speaking):

Right now standing in this stage (Budokan), I’m only thinking about you. I want to meet you, share the memory that never be forgotten. For this tour, you have practice so much but it was to such a result that everyone T-ARA and company doesn’t want to. I want to say that you’re my sister… (tears)

There are a lot of memories and it was fun, we can make lots of more. My feel now full of disappointment. I really respect you that want to challenge the different music you was thinking, any music you will follow in future always have our support. Areum you had told us your dream lucidly with confidence, we believe and cheering it. I’m sorry if I cried so much… I wanted to tell the truth to everyone.

Message from Jiyeon:

Everyone, I was turned into this atmosphere, but I believe not only us but all people here would like to give the best wishes to Areum dream. Thank you so much.

Message from Eunjung:

Me and other T-ara members are cheering for your dream. Areum let’s work hard in future. When Areum shared about your dream, I think all fans here will help you by their supports. Thank you.

Message from Boram:

As the oldest sister, I feel sorry that didn’t talk much with you since you joined T-ara. But like a family, every members will support your dream no matter what. We will always watch over you. Thank you very much.

Message from new leader Qri:

Areum, you and I was share the same room in the hotel, we also listen to music together cause I really hip-hop music at that time. Now you can’t continue with us under T-ara name, but all of us will support you and we believe Areum will growing up through activities solo and hip-hop music. Areum fighting !!

all the best to our areumie for her solo career and future activities. we love you~!


Areum Instagram Update.


Areum Instagram Update.

Apparently, Areum is leaving T-ara and going solo. 

I’d rather not comment on this. But don’t worry, I’ll keep this blog running since I’m going to support her no matter what. 


Wooah, guys, thank you very much~ I’ve never expected that many followers in only one month, especially that I’m not posting too much (/sobbing forever because too little material to gif and edit) but I’ll promise to post a lot more in the future, so you can continue enjoying Areum’s adorableness and weirdness on your dash. -w-


See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about.